Is a High-Fat Diet Best for Runners and Endurance Athletes?

Clara T. Fryman

Masking 26.2 miles is spectacular no subject how speedy you operate, but people who excel have a secret weapon: the means to melt away body fat for fuel. Scientists at Shanghai College of Sport adopted elite male runners in their 20s and 30s right before and following managing a sub-3-hour marathon. Their metabolism of carbs and fats improved put up-race, exhibiting their bodies can change from utilizing quickly obtainable carbs to harder-to-tap lipids for electricity. That matters because your physique can only retail store so many carbs, which is why many runners “bonk” all over Mile 20. To make the

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How Risky Are Endurance Sports on Your Heart

Clara T. Fryman

We have all study stories about the dude who dropped useless even though running his initially marathon, or the athlete who nearly crossed the end line of his triathlon—but experienced a coronary heart assault instead. Sounds alarming, but the number of fatalities in endurance athletics is nevertheless relatively minimal, according to new research by the American Coronary heart Affiliation.

“The 50-yr-outdated former faculty athlete with acknowledged or hidden coronary heart disease who’s been sedentary for years and decides to do a triathlon is at the finest possibility,” claims direct examine author Barry A. Franklin, Ph.D. Some additional details: Practically

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5 Best Pull-Up Bars For Your Home Workout Routine

Clara T. Fryman

Are you on the lookout to add some new tools to your property fitness center? Then you should really add a pull-up bar to your property fitness center. It is really easy and provides a ton of choices to your schedule that will go a lengthy way to creating you achieve your aims. But not all pull-up bars are up to snuff for a invest in.

To enable you make the suitable choose for your requirements, we have collected a fantastic range of pull-up bars that should really match any unique requirements.

We really feel like this is the

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Fibromyalgia: Understand how it’s diagnosed

Fibromyalgia: Recognize how it is really identified

Fibromyalgia signs and symptoms typically mimic all those of other ailments. Identifying the genuine lead to of your signs and symptoms is crucial to receiving correct therapy.

By Mayo Clinic Staff members

Fibromyalgia signs and symptoms contain common physique soreness, fatigue, unrefreshing sleep and temper troubles. But all of these signs and symptoms are typical to lots of other ailments. And for the reason that fibromyalgia signs and symptoms can manifest by itself or along with other ailments, it can just take time to tease out which symptom is brought about by what

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Get the most out of home blood pressure monitoring

Get the most out of property blood strain checking

Examining your blood strain at property is an significant part of running high blood strain. Uncover out how to use property screens correctly.

By Mayo Clinic Team

Examining your blood strain at property is an significant part of running high blood strain (hypertension).

The American Coronary heart Affiliation (AHA) and other organizations propose that any individual with high blood strain observe his or her blood strain at property. Dwelling checking can assistance you maintain tabs on your blood strain in a common setting, make specified your medication is operating, and inform

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