6 of Our Favorite Freeze-Dried Backpacking Meals

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Great Whites Are Disappearing in Cape Town, the Former Shark Capital of the World

The Cape Peninsula dangles off the bottom of Africa like a tough fishhook, curling round from the frigid waters of the Atlantic Coastline into the wide expanse of False Bay.

This island-like geography has established a plethora of waves, from spitting beach breaks and huge-wave reefs to the beginners’ paradise of Muizenberg. Despite the abundance of setups, the peninsula is much additional well-known for its other marine points of interest.

Given that the early 2000s, False Bay has come to be a planet-renowned site for cage diving with good white sharks or to witness the spectacular breaching phenomenon—where these sharks

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High-Protein Snack Strategies to Keep Your Kid Full All Day Long

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Johnsonville Sausage

In the olden days—you know, way back when our young kinds reliably went off to school and camp—kids complained that there was almost nothing to take in just after a long day of courses or enjoying with mates, but at the very least you had a couple of several hours when no one was inquiring you for a snack. Now, nonetheless, with all people buzzing all around the house 24/seven, people kids are rummaging through the pantry or fridge each time you switch all around.

Guaranteed, in some cases they are ingesting out of boredom—we all do it.

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