ADPEAF – Genetics Home Reference

Autosomal dominant partial epilepsy with auditory characteristics (ADPEAF) is an unusual kind of epilepsy that operates in families. This condition triggers seizures commonly characterized by seem-related (auditory) indicators this kind of as buzzing, buzzing, or ringing. Some folks encounter more sophisticated seems through a seizure, this kind of as precise voices or songs, or modifications in the volume of seems. Some folks with ADPEAF quickly come to be unable to have an understanding of language just before getting rid of consciousness through a seizure. This incapacity to have an understanding of speech is known as receptive aphasia. Much less commonly, seizures may possibly result in visual hallucinations, a disturbance in the feeling of scent, a experience of dizziness or spinning (vertigo), or other indicators impacting the senses.

Seizures associated with ADPEAF commonly start off in adolescence or young adulthood. They may possibly be induced by precise seems, this kind of as a ringing phone or speech, but in most conditions the seizures do not have any identified triggers. In most affected folks, seizures are rare and effectively managed with treatment.

Most folks with ADPEAF have seizures explained as easy , which do not result in a loss of consciousness. These seizures are considered to start off in a part of the mind known as the lateral temporal lobe. In some folks, seizure exercise may possibly unfold from the lateral temporal lobe to have an affect on other areas of the mind. If seizure exercise spreads to have an affect on the total mind, it triggers a loss of consciousness, muscle mass stiffening, and rhythmic jerking. Episodes that start off as partial seizures and unfold through the mind are known as secondarily generalized seizures.