Feb. 10, 2022 — With the the latest news that comic Bob Saget’s dying was due to head trauma, apparently from an accidental blow to the head, doctors say any harm to the head demands to be taken very seriously.

Head accidents incorporate any problems to the cranium, scalp, or mind triggered by trauma. When the brain is influenced, it is referred to as a traumatic mind injuries, or TBI. About 1.7 million persons in the U.S. every single year have a TBI. Lots of other folks have a lot less really serious head accidents.

Saget, 65, died Jan. 9 in Orlando, FL. Regulation enforcement authorities said no foul enjoy was involved and there had been no indications of medications. This 7 days, his relatives stated an investigation concluded he died of a head injury.

“Now that we have the closing conclusions from the authorities’ investigation, we felt it only right that the fans hear those conclusions immediately from us,” the family claimed, according to posted stories. “They have concluded that he unintentionally strike the back of his head on a little something, thought absolutely nothing of it and went to sleep. No medicine or alcohol have been included.”

To superior understand how head injuries can convert fatal, and what to observe for, WebMD asked for guidance from Joshua Marcus, MD, a neurosurgeon who specializes in stroke and mind hemorrhage at Nuvance Health and fitness Method, in Danbury, CT, and Ben Hoffman, MD, professor of pediatrics at Oregon Health and fitness and Science College in Portland.

How can a head harm be lethal?

“If you strike your head in the ‘wrong’ site, you can injure or tear a blood vessel in the mind,” Marcus states. “That is a rather exceptional prevalence,” he says, but it does occur. ”That bleeding can direct to improved force in the brain and that can be lethal.

“As the bleeding progresses, that greater strain can have an impact on your respiratory. Primarily your breathing stops as a outcome of that strain and its outcomes on the mind.”

What need to grownups do ideal immediately after a head injury?

”There are some relating to indicators after you hit your head your require to view out for,” Marcus states.

Headache, nausea, vomiting, and confusion are worrisome signs. If you will not keep in mind the celebration, that places you at possibility for a additional critical personal injury.

Pupil changes, with uneven or very enlarged pupils, may possibly signal brain destruction. That might be a difficult symptom for nonmedical professionals to examine, even so, Hoffman suggests.

Weak point in the arms or legs, difficulties talking, and seizures are all reasons to get speedy health-related notice, Marcus states.

As for the tips not to go to sleep? “We feel the initial number of several hours — 2 or 3 — are quite important [to decide if it’s serious or not],” Marcus states.

Throughout that time, additional indicators may establish, prompting the particular person to seek health care care. Steering clear of slumber for a couple hours is advised.

What need to be done if a baby suffers a head injury?

Very first, the excellent information.

“In basic, kids are inclined to be pretty resilient,” Hoffman claims. “For the most part, they bounce. I signify that in a superior way.”

Look at the fall’s circumstances. Slipping off a roof is quite distinct than falling off a mattress onto a carpet, he states.

As with adults, it is significant to watch signs and symptoms. Vomiting and altered psychological status ”at minimum warrant a cellphone get in touch with to the medical doctor if not an ER journey,” Hoffman claims.

Loss of consciousness is usually linked with concussion and needs immediate focus.

If symptoms really don’t seem to be really serious, observe children for an hour or 2 to see if they return to standard. After that, Hoffman claims, it can be fine to get some rest. In standard, he claims, it is fine to give a painkiller like acetaminophen and to place a chilly pack on the location if it is really bruised.

Are some folks extra inclined to really serious head accidents just after a slide or accident?

“We see head trauma a lot more commonly in older sufferers from much more benign style falls,” Marcus suggests.

Severe head trauma in more youthful persons a lot more generally occurs soon after a serious car or truck incident, for instance.

If somebody is having blood thinners or antiplatelet medicines, brain bleeding is additional likely, Marcus states.

What about recovery?

If the injury is a concussion, some signs or symptoms, these as challenges with focus and vision, can linger for a number of weeks, Marcus suggests.

Youngsters with a concussion must not return to sports right away, Hoffman says.

If any signs worsen, medical consideration is needed yet again, Marcus suggests.

As scary as head accidents are, he states, the vast majority are gentle.