The Chinese animal testing loophole – how cruelty-free brands are getting  their foot in the door - Global Cosmetics News

The use of animals to test cosmetic products started in the 1940s due to severe injuries people suffered when exposed to harmful beauty products. As hard as it is to believe, animals for an experiment for cosmetics products continue even though non-animal tests are widely available. Do you want to know what other people think about this practice? Go to UK Collected Reviews to get opinions. 


Depending on the issue, you can use one or more of the following methods to get the most reliable information you can trust. 

  • The certified logo of a bunny on Packaging

The simplest method to identify if a product is cruelty-free is by looking out for a bunny logo on product packaging. It is often found on the back of products. There are officially three cruelty-free bunny logos, and not all the symbols are created equal. So, it would help if you took your time to research what each official cruelty-free logo stands for.

  • Rely on an online list of certified cruelty free brands

You shop online or don’t have the product in hand? It would be best if you referred to an online directory of accredited cruelty-free brands. Companies don’t have to pay to be on the list of cruelty-free brands. Still, they must meet the standards to be cruelty-free to be listed. Using this method will guarantee you aren’t missing out on essential brands who have acquired licensing and use the bunny logo on their Packaging.

  • Using a cruelty-free app

If making a list of cruelty-free brands and taking it with you to the store is not your thing, then you can take advantage of the “cruelty-free mobile app” where you can quickly scan the barcode of products and promptly know if it’s tested on animals or not. 

  • Message or Email the company

Emailing your specific questions on animal testing to brands will guarantee that the Customer service team will address all your cruelty-free questions and suspicions. This method is time-consuming but ensures adequate and reliable results.

  • Consult an expert or blogger

In situations where you consult a real estate agent when buying a house, experts and bloggers on cruelty-free beauty products are very helpful when you need a reliable opinion. They do most of the work for you of cross-referencing cruelty-free lists and emailing companies. You can quickly get in touch with them through DM, tweet, email, or use their curated cruelty-free list as a reference.

Bloggers are merely airing their opinions, and no two ideas are alike. There are sure to be contradicting theories amongst cruelty-free bloggers, as just about anyone can start a blog these days, so be mindful of the bloggers you trust and their source of information.

You can also start using beauty devices instead of cosmetic products if testing on animals is something you want no part of. See currentbody reviews to know if it is a good alternative.