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People won’t always need to add oil to baking sheets. There are many options for the people who want to avoid adding some additional ingredients to whatever they’re preparing. 

Oil Use

Some individuals will want to add some olive oil to a baking sheet, because they’re familiar with the health benefits associated with increased olive oil consumption. It’s possible to do so, although customers might have to avoid using olive oil at times. 

The olive oil will not always adhere to the baking pan effectively enough, especially for the people who try to use lots of olive oil at once. People who use olive oil a bit more lightly might not have this issue. However, they still might find that using an olive oil cooking spray is a little easier for them. 

Canola oil is also popular for people trying to grease their baking sheets. The oil type might affect the flavor of the baked items, but it may have less of an effect on the cleanup process. 

Soaking Pans

People frequently have to soak their baking pans once it’s time for the cleaning process. If they use cooking oils instead of cooking sprays, cleaning the baking pan itself might actually take longer and present more challenges.

However, as long as they soak the pans, it should be fairly easy to get the crisp oil residues and other debris off of the sheet. It’s just important to be sure to start the soaking process shortly after the baked goods are ready, or people will just struggle more with making the baking pan look like it did previously. 

Some people specifically like to use older baking pans because of how the process of cooking and baking changes the pans. It’s possible to get excellent results with both newer and older baking sheets.