Check Out the Best SARMs Reviews for Cutting Weight and Getting Lean


It is important to remember that you will boost your muscle mass and reduce fat by taking performance-enhancing pills known as SARMs. Generally, they appear similar to steroids, but they are not acting the same in your body.

Of course, both of them will bind to androgen receptors, which will increase your muscles’ abilities to grow by triggering specific DNA changes. 

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However, steroids can lead to severe issues in other parts of your body and lead to numerous side effects, including acne, hair loss, and prostate problems.

On the other hand, selective androgenic receptor modulators feature tissue-selective properties, which mean that they will target your muscle mass without causing an additional chain reaction that will affect your overall health.

You can find them in pill form, which is the way better solution to invasive injections. However, they are still not approved for human consumption, something you should remember before making up your mind.

In the last few years, the popularity of SARMs increased gradually due to numerous reasons, including ostarine and andarine. However, it is challenging to determine whether you should take it or not, which is why you should conduct a thorough doctor evaluation beforehand.

Are They Legal?

Even though it does not have a license, you can find them both online and in supplement stores, significantly since the demand is continuously rising. Some manufacturers rely on legal disclaimers that state that they are used only for laboratory research.

At the same time, manufacturers warn customers that they should not consume it to follow the market regulations, even though most people will use it based on the particular situation.

According to the FDA, there were concerns about making these particular performance-enhancing drugs, primarily because some of them feature dangerous ingredients. 

However, a few case studies have shown that after consuming it in a small dosage, you will boost your muscles while reducing potential side effects.

Of course, if you overuse it, you can end up increasing risks of stroke or heart attack, which is why we recommend you to check out potential underlying issues before starting. If you are drinking blood-pressure meds, it is crucial to avoid consuming this particular type of drug.

Where Did It Come From?


Like most drugs, you should know that accident in the early ’90s created them. Everything started with Professor James T Dalton, who wanted to develop a breakthrough treatment for prostate cancer.

That is when he created and identified a particular molecule known as andarine, which was the first SARM. Since it was not effective in treating prostate cancer, he noticed significant effects on muscle growth.

Of course, that was the opposite of what he wanted to create, but after noticing significant weight and muscle changes in participants, he knew that he made something completely different.

A few years later, he wanted to create a purified and more refined version known by now as ostarine. 

After a few clinical trials in senior men, 12 weeks of consumption lead to reduced fat and lean muscle mass. They also improved their climb power by 15%, which was unusual compared with other options available on the market.

However, when he tried it on cancer patients, he did not get the right results he wanted in the first place while developing it. Afterward, a few black market companies wanted to continue with his experiments, but he tied to reach FDA to shut them down.

The main problem was that this particular performance-enhancing drug created a new option for potential athletes and people who wanted to boost muscle mass, which meant that he could not control its production.

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Benefits of SARMs

One of the most crucial considerations for selective androgen receptor modulators is that they are not toxic to the liver, which tends to happen with regular anabolic steroids.

Therefore, they do not feature the same side effects to blood pressure and heart, like testosterone injections. 

Since you do not need to implement preloading supplements and on-cycle support, it means that you will be able to boost your muscle mass by implementing the SARM cycle with ease.

  • LGD 4033 – You should know that this particular type of SARMs features similar characteristics as Ostarine, but it is ten times stronger. It is an essential aspect that plays a vital role in developing and regulating reproductive and immune systems within our bodies. Besides, it is an excellent option for bulking, so fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders tend to use it to improve their efficiencies.
  • Ibutamoren – We can also call it secretagogue, or growth hormone, which means that it will provide you the ability to boost growth hormone, which will offer you additional effects apart from bulking. One of the benefits includes better sleep quality and increased appetite. After a while, you will notice that your body will recover much better than before. At the same time, you will lose body fat and increase the overall muscle mass. It is safe for usage because it does not feature suppressive side effects.
  • Stenabolic and Cardarine – You should know that these particular types of SARMs could help you boost overall endurance while reducing body fat at the same time. Since they do not feature hormonal characteristics, it means that you can use them anytime with ease.
  • Andarine – This particular type of SARMs is one of the healthiest ones, and according to drug companies, it can treat prostate issues. Of course, you can also use it for strength boost, fat loss, and creating lean muscle mass, among other things. You should know that dosage tends to vary between 25 and 100 mg each day, but you should visit a doctor beforehand to ensure that you could take it with ease.
  • Anabolicum-Ligandrol – According to drug companies, this particular type of SARM can help you prevent muscle wasting in the long run, which is an effective solution for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. It is also an excellent option for boosting bone health, soft tissues, and joints. Athletes tend to use it because it helps them obtain lean muscle very even at small doses, making it appealing for everyone.
  • Ostarine-Ostabolic – Even though it is still under clinical trials for bone health and muscle wasting, you should know that it is an effective solution for increasing strength, building lean muscles, and healing joints after a significant workout session. You should follow a daily dosage to ensure that you get the most out of it without side effects.
  • Testolone – This particular type is one of the best replacements of anabolic hormones, especially in replacement therapy, because consuming anabolic can lead to severe problems to your liver and kidneys, among other things. Since this is one of the strongest SARMs on the market, it will help you build muscle mass, increase overall strength and bone health after prolonged usage. Still, you should consult with a physician before making up your mind to make sure that your body is healthy enough for consumption. It is something you need to determine before you make up your mind.