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The main benefit of performing dumbbell exercises within your workout routines is that in addition to exercising the large muscle groups, dumbbell exercises will also require the input of various stabilizing muscles.

This contrasts with working out on gym machines, where the required muscles are isolated and are the only ones to be utilized.

Dumbbell training allows complementary muscles to grow together in strength and prevent muscle groups from developing independently and out of sync.

This home workout routine with dumbbells is exciting for those looking to increase their mass muscle size and gain strength. With a set of dumbbells, additionally, we can perform it at home without any inconvenience, so it is an exciting workout for its incredible flexibility because we can also do it in a gym.

  • General Description
  • Duration: 5 weeks
  • Days of training per week: 4
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Equipment: Dumbbells and bodyweight exercises.
  • Objectives: Gain muscle size and strength

Home dumbbell training routine with dumbbells

The weekly structure to follow is the one I am going to propose below. We don’t need to train the days that I point out in the following days exactly, but if we get the idea of the structure that I am applying to fit the training days and rest days of this training routine at home dumbbells.

  • Monday: Day 1
  • Tuesday: Day 2
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Day 3
  • Friday: Day 4
  • Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Finally, I will explain how the repetitions that are divided by “/” work. For X number of sets (3 or 4 in this case), we will have to perform a variable number of repetitions for each of them. The number that comes first corresponds to the first series, and the following numbers correspond to those that we must try to perform in the subsequent ones. A practical example to make it more transparent: ×12/10/10/8 bench press with a dumbbell.

In this case, we should perform the first of the series at 12 repetitions, the second and third at 10, and the last at 8. It is essential that when we reduce the number of repetitions, we increase the weight simultaneously to seek a more effective progression.

Day 1

  • 4×12/10/10/8 Dumbbell Bench Presses
  • 3×12/10/8 Dumbbell Lunges
  • 3xFallo Pectoral push-ups
  • 3×10 Dumbbell Military Presses
  • 3×10 Dumbbell lateral raises 3×10 Dumbbell lateral raises

Day 2

  • 4×15/12/10/8 Dumbbell squats
  • 3×12/10/8 Goblet Squat
  • 3×10 Lunges with dumbbells
  • 4×12 Dumbbell Rowing
  • 4×15 Crunch
  • 3×1:00 Plank

Day 3

  • 3×15/12/10 Biceps curl with dumbbells
  • 3×12 Hammer biceps curl
  • 3×10 Concentrated biceps curl
  • 3×12 Tate press
  • 3×10 French press with dumbbells

Day 4

  • 4×10 Dumbbell Deadlift
  • 4×10/10/8/8 Dumbbell front squat
  • 4×10/8/8/6 Bench press with dumbbells
  • 4×0:10 Isometric pectoral squeeze
  • 3×12 Mountain climber
  • 3×15 Bicycle crunches

Another benefit of performing dumbbell exercises within your workout routines is that they only require access to a workout bench and a pair of dumbbells. By simply employing these two pieces of equipment, you will be able to perform hundreds of exercises and work for every major muscle group in your body.

Dumbbells are available in different sizes and models. Still, you will be faced with the decision of buying a set of dumbbells in which each dumbbell is a fixed weight or purchasing a set of adjustable weights, which will allow you to add different weight settings to your dumbbells.