Amazon FBA & eBay GSP: What You Need To Know About These International  Fulfillment Services.

The ecommerce space is incredibly competitive, especially when it comes to Amazon. Successful Amazon sellers, digital marketing consultants who help Amazon entrepreneurs scale their businesses, and other experts make up this group. As evaluations accumulate over time yet each one includes the date, you can use them to estimate how many of a certain item were sold in a given time period. Only approximately 10% to 20% of customers, according to Amazon Seller Central, really write feedback. As a result, 145 reviews might equal 700 to 1,500 actual sales. It is not a perfect market study, but it can help you figure out if there’s enough demand for something to be valuable. 

Amazon is the largest ecommerce online store, as these Amazon statistics show. Selling your goods there allows you to get a piece of the action while also exposing your company to new clients. It also allows you to examine what your competitors are up to and identify methods to improve their offerings. When you white label a product, you’re taking something re-brandable and resellable from another company and putting your own label on it and selling it. A generic product or service is created by a manufacturer. The marketer (you) purchases the goods and rebrands them as your own. The customer then purchases directly from you. The amazon fba international seller has grown over the years.

Discover how to sell on Amazon

Selling on Amazon will cost you money. Amazon has hidden its individual selling plan, which charges $0.99 per item. If you don’t want to commit to a monthly subscription charge, this is the choice for you. You’ll also be charged referral fees, which are calculated as a proportion of the sale price. Depending on the product category, this percentage fluctuates. The cost for some categories might be as high as 17%. If you’re selling media products, you’ll additionally have to pay variable closing fees. If you fulfill purchases yourself then amazon shipping prices apply. The rates are determined by the product category and the shipping service selected by the buyer.

Use Google or a similar tool to find keywords.

Keyword research is one of the simplest ways to look through products to see what would be good to sell on Amazon. You can use a keyword tool like SEMRush or a Google search to check what the search volume is for certain terms, items, and categories. Consider the possibility of selling personalized winter hats. You can use a search engine to find out how many people are looking for “customized winter hats,” as well as other versions of the term, and how competitive the market is. You might learn how to find the goods you want to sell on Amazon as a result of this process, as wholesale or direct sources may show in your search.

Final thoughts

If you want to learn more about your options and competitors in a certain category, simply go to Amazon and search for that category, adding “best sellers” to your search phrase. The top 100 sellers in each category are listed on the “Best Sellers” page. You can then click into different items and scroll down to see how popular they are. The Amazon product description feature on each item recounts the tale of the item’s general popularity.