Eye twitching – Mayo Clinic

Eye twitching, benign critical blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm are terms typically used to refer to any of a few individual disorders. Every single sort of twitch or spasm has a different lead to.

Eyelid twitching (myokymia) impacts only the eyelid. This sort of twitch or spasm is pretty prevalent and happens to most men and women at a single time or an additional. It can entail either the higher or decrease lid, but ordinarily only a single eye at a time. The eye twitching can selection from barely recognizable to bothersome. The twitching ordinarily goes away in just a short time but may recur about a couple of hrs, days or for a longer time.

Benign critical blepharospasm starts off out as elevated blinking of both of those eyes and may progress to the eyelids currently being squeezed shut. This sort of eye twitching is rather unheard of but can be exceptionally intense, impacting all aspects of existence.

Hemifacial spasm requires twitches of muscle tissues on a single aspect of the deal with, together with the eyelid.