Fainting: First aid – Mayo Clinic

Fainting occurs when your mind quickly will not obtain adequate blood supply, creating you to drop consciousness. This decline of consciousness is normally transient.

Fainting may well have no healthcare importance. Or the induce can be a critical disorder, frequently involving the coronary heart. As a result, take care of decline of consciousness as a healthcare crisis right up until the indicators and signs or symptoms are relieved, and the induce is regarded. Converse to your physician if you faint more than once.

If you sense faint

  • Lie down or sit down. To decrease the possibility of fainting once again, really don’t get up also rapidly.
  • Location your head among your knees if you sit down.

If someone else faints

  • Posture the human being on his or her back. If there are no accidents and the human being is respiration, increase the person’s legs over coronary heart level — about twelve inches (30 centimeters) — if probable. Loosen belts, collars or other constrictive clothing.

    To decrease the possibility of fainting once again, really don’t get the human being up also rapidly. If the human being will not get back consciousness in just one particular moment, simply call 911 or your community crisis amount.

  • Check for respiration. If the human being isn’t really respiration, start off CPR. Call 911 or your community crisis amount. Continue CPR right up until assistance comes or the human being starts to breathe.

If the human being was wounded in a slide linked with a faint, take care of bumps, bruises or cuts appropriately. Manage bleeding with immediate pressure.