FEES Swallowing Study – Mayo Clinic

Hi, Addie. I’m Carrie. I’m a speech pathologist. I’m going to be helping out with the evaluation nowadays. We’re going to be carrying out a type of swallowing evaluation in which we put a digicam in your nose. We give you various consistencies of food stuff objects to swallow and view you swallow those. This is the digicam we are going to use. It goes in your nose about this considerably, just a tiny little bit past that white line. You can find not considerably place among your nose and your throat, so it does not have to go in very considerably. We’re not in there very lengthy. Just lengthy more than enough to choose a look all around at the anatomy, give you a few of matters to eat and drink, view you swallow those and then we appear out, alright. So the various objects we are going to be swallowing. We might like to do an assortment of consistencies, so we do a thin liquid, a puree, and then a sound regularity. I put a tiny environmentally friendly food stuff coloring in the liquid and the puree that just will allow us to see it better when the cameras in position. Okay.

Proceduralist: Ready?

Assistant: Some gradual deep breaths.

Carrie: That’s the complete worst section right there.

Assistant: Fantastic position.

Proceduralist: Can you see?

Assistant: Can you see on the Television set?

Carrie: Only if you want.

Proceduralist: We can exhibit you later on too.

Carrie: Ready for me?

Assistant: Get a few sips of juice.

Carrie: Go forward and choose a few additional for me. Fantastic.

Assistant: Some applesauce.

Carrie: Your other hand. Go forward and choose a bite of a single of those. And a single additional. You can go your head a tiny little bit. All right. That’s it.

Proceduralist: Are you performed?

Carrie: I’m performed.

Proceduralist: On the way out. Excellent.

Assistant: You did it! Fantastic position.