Free Light Chains: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information

What is a no cost light-weight chains check?

Mild chains are proteins produced by plasma cells, a type of white blood mobile. Plasma cells also make immunoglobulins (antibodies). Immunoglobulins assistance secure the human body from ailment and infections. Immunoglobulins are formed when light-weight chains hyperlink up with significant chains, a different type of protein. When light-weight chains hyperlink up with significant chains, they are recognized as certain light-weight chains.

Normally, plasma cells make a small amount of more light-weight chains that will not bind with significant chains. They are in its place introduced into the bloodstream. These unlinked chains are recognized as no cost light-weight chains.

There are two styles of light-weight chains: lambda and kappa light-weight chains. A no cost light-weight chains check actions the amount of lambda and kappa no cost light-weight chains in the blood. If the amount of no cost light-weight chains is better or decreased than normal, it can indicate you have a condition of the plasma cells. These include things like multiple myeloma, a most cancers of plasma cells, and amyloidosis, a situation that triggers a harmful buildup of proteins in diverse organs and tissues.

Other names: no cost kappa/lambda ratio, kappa/lambda quantitative no cost light-weight, freelite, kappa and lambda no cost light-weight chains, immunoglobulin no cost light-weight chains