What do the success signify?

If your success exhibit bigger than ordinary ranges of GGT, it may be a indication of liver harm. The harm may be due to 1 of the subsequent situations:

The success won’t be able to exhibit which ailment you have, but it can aid exhibit how a great deal liver harm you have. Typically, the bigger the degree of GGT, the better the degree of harm to the liver.

If your success exhibit you have reduced or ordinary ranges of GGT, it usually means you likely do not have liver disease.

Your success may also be compared with the success of an ALP exam. ALP tests aid diagnose bone issues. Collectively your success may exhibit 1 of the subsequent:

  • Superior ranges of ALP and higher ranges of GGT usually means your signs are likely due to liver disorder and not a bone disorder.
  • Superior ranges of ALP and reduced or ordinary GGT usually means it is really much more likely you have a bone disorder.

If you have questions about your success, chat to your health and fitness treatment service provider.

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