Gastric Emptying Tests: MedlinePlus Medical Test

What are gastric emptying assessments?

Gastric emptying assessments are assessments that measure the time it usually takes for food to vacant out of your belly. Soon after a meal, it normally usually takes 1 1/two to two hours for food to move out of the belly and into the tiny intestine. When your belly usually takes longer than regular to vacant, it is called gastroparesis.

If food stays in your belly for far too lengthy, it can harden into a good mass called a bezoar. A bezoar may perhaps guide to a risky blockage that prevents food from passing into your tiny intestine.

Gastroparesis may perhaps also induce malnutrition (not having plenty of vitamins and minerals from your food).

Gastric emptying assessments may perhaps enable you get remedy for gastroparesis right before it causes major problems.

Other names: gastric emptying review, gastric emptying scan, gastric emptying scintigraphy, good capsule, wi-fi motility review, gastric emptying breath take a look at, upper GI sequence, barium swallow