Getting Support for Multiple Myeloma

Similar to Numerous Myeloma

By Kendall K. Morgan

When 69-yr-outdated Keith Guernsey from Gainesville, GA, initial found out he experienced a number of myeloma, it was a total shock. He’d just gotten earlier prostate cancer surgical treatment and was looking ahead to placing cancer driving him. He hadn’t observed any signs of yet another wellbeing difficulty. But, blood checks his medical doctor purchased related to the previously cancer led to the unthinkable: Guernsey was dealing with a new, and this time treatable but incurable, cancer prognosis.

“My wife became my sole caregiver mainly because the rest of my spouse and children is scattered,” Guernsey claims.

He took edge of on the internet support teams, exactly where he met individuals all close to the place at all unique phases of a number of myeloma. He found special inspiration in a lady in California whose preliminary prognosis was phase IV a number of myeloma.

“She was told to get her affairs in purchase — that she experienced 6 months to are living,” Guernsey stated. “She’s been in remission for 20 several years. So, she presents me and many others a large amount of hope. It’s a incredibly supportive team.”

Obtaining Means

Though a number of myeloma is a uncommon cancer, there are tons of sources out there to support individuals who have it. A excellent place to start is your personal care group, claims Jason Valent, MD, a myeloma expert at Cleveland Clinic. In addition to specialists in myeloma, he claims care teams contain palliative care specialists to assist with the suffering as nicely as psychologists and psychiatrists to assist you cope with the prognosis.

“That’s a incredibly significant detail for individuals to have entry to,” Valent claims. “The psychological suffering is oftentimes just as terrible or even much more severe [than the actual physical suffering].”

Michelle O’Hare, RN, an oncology nurse who cares for myeloma individuals at Memorial Sloan Kettering Most cancers Heart, claims people who require additional support can speak to a social worker, who can join you with transportation assist and other help. A scenario supervisor can be handy if you are in require of nursing care at residence. She also recommends support teams, which may possibly be in-person or on the internet.

“I generally convey to individuals that they can google a number of myeloma support teams and get a complete checklist,” O’Hare stated. “That’s the magnificence of the online.”


On-line corporations that offer you assist for individuals with myeloma contain:

  • Myeloma Group by Healthtree
  • Numerous Myeloma Analysis Basis
  • International Myeloma Culture
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Culture (LLS)

“LLS can provide not only individual sources in terms of support teams, but also financial help for copays,” Valent claims.

In addition to support teams, some corporations can join you with a a single-on-a single mentor or mentor. For instance, the coaches at Myeloma Coach by Healthtree are myeloma individuals or caregivers who keep in contact with you, hear, and offer you direction on financial aid, on the internet sources, and much more.

Obtaining Your Possess Way

When selecting amid your numerous support alternatives, Urvi Shah, MD, a myeloma expert at Memorial Sloan Kettering Most cancers Heart, claims you should be genuine to you.

“Patients should be mindful to decide on what is suitable for them,” Shah claims. “For some, support teams are handy. They want to know what lies ahead and it lessens worry. For many others, listening to much too significantly worsens worry and stress. Understanding what form of identity you have can assist you to make a decision if you want to access out and to whom.”

Amy Pappas of Cleveland, OH, found out she experienced a number of myeloma at age forty five, soon after intensive back again suffering sent her to a spine expert. It turned out the cancer experienced cracked her spine. It was also in her ribs, pelvis and cranium. For support, as an alternative of on the internet teams, she relied on a shut network of buddies and spouse and children.

“Even though I did truly feel really sick [at instances throughout remedy], I just stored going,” Pappas claims. “That’s my identity: trying to truly feel regular as I was receiving better. Distractions were being substantial for me. I could say to my buddies, ‘Hey, I truly feel like crap, but arrive above and distract me.’”

She also took edge as soon as or twice a 7 days of the yoga classes that Cleveland Clinic provides for individuals with any cancer form. The classes were being relaxed and tiny and provided individuals at all unique phases in their cancer journey.

“Being close to people individuals did truly feel excellent,” she claims. “It was a nice outlet and unique from staying in a regular yoga studio.”


Coming Total Circle

Guernsey is now in his second yr of remission. He claims he’s feeling as excellent as he’s felt due to the fact he was 28 and nevertheless enjoying hockey. He nevertheless has regular Zoom calls with individuals he met as a result of an on the internet support team. He also serves as a myeloma mentor for many others who are going as a result of the very same things he has.

“I’m not a medical doctor, so I never pretend to be,” Guernsey claims. “But I share my working experience and check out to let them know what worked for me. It can also operate for them.”



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