While winter is reserved for pristine powder days, spring is a wonderful time to make improvements to your snowboard competencies in the terrain park and about the mountain. While rookies should originally focus on finding out the basics, intermediate riders will come across the park is a wonderful put to make improvements to their snowboarding competencies and decide on up new methods like the Nosepress.  

Ahead of hitting the halfpipe or jumps, it is finest to begin out on rails and bins. We have collaborated with Stomp Sessions and Dew Tour medalist Brock Crouch to educate you how to do a Nosepress on a flat rail. With these effortless-to-abide by pro guidelines, you’ll study the finest method to nail this traditional rail trick. 

Intro to Nosepress 

This trick can be carried out on quite a few attributes in the park. It’s finest to study on a flat rail or box, then function your way up to bigger rails.

Setting up your Approach 

Nosepress - Approach
Stomp Sessions

When approaching the rail, continue to be flat dependent and appear at the location on the rail that you want your entrance foot to land. Use your arms to drive harmony from your ollie, concentrating on that precise location.

Landing on the Rail 

Nosepress - Locking in
Stomp Sessions

As soon as you land on the rail, lock in on the sweet location just below your entrance foot by pressing down with your entrance foot and lifting up your again foot. Preserve your head over your entrance foot.

Exit Strategy 

Nosepress - Landing
Stomp Sessions

Now that you are locked in, appear at the close of the rail – this is vital to holding that Nosepress. When you method the close, give a tiny excess push – like a Nollie, and pop off the close.

Observe Discovering your Sweet Spot

Nosepress - Focus on End of Rail
Stomp Sessions

If you are sliding off prior to achieving the close of the rail, function on holding your Nosepress on flat floor with out wanting at your toes. It’ll help you come across that sweet location, giving you assurance to appear at the close of the rail and lock in. 

View Brock’s total Nosepress Tutorial on Stomp Sessions.

To far better understand the fundamentals of a Nosepress, observe Brock’s Boardslide Tutorial. As soon as you have the Nosepress dialed, you are all set to study the up coming stage: Nosepress a hundred and eighty Out.