Skateboarders do not arrive any extra main than Jamie Foy, but Foy’s regard spans significantly past the streets. This previous April, the Deathwish Skateboards pro and 2017 Thrasher SOTY, Foy was announced as the elected Athlete Representative for skateboarding to the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOCP)—a big responsibility passed on to the ideal man or woman.

For Foy, priority amount a person is to have entertaining. The purpose why any of us ride skateboards is for just that, and Foy is energized to assistance keep that similar target utilized to how contests perform for the men and women that are basically in them. With his background of coming up through the competitors scene in Florida, Foy is aware the contest techniques improved than most. Taking into consideration the affect the Olympics has already experienced on skateboard contests in the latest decades, it’s great to know there is an ambassador such as Foy to keep it true.

So, what’s the approach? Very well, with COVID-19 bringing the world to a screeching halt and pushing the Olympics to postpone by a calendar year, Foy has experienced time to strike up the homies and examine what they’d like to tackle at the time items get back to grinding. Even though he is nonetheless studying the ropes of the purpose, Foy is energized to get in the thick of items in order to ensure entertaining for all.

We checked in with Foy to uncover out how he is managing every thing from quarantine and competitors enthusiasm to his getting the reins for this to start with-ever purpose as an athlete ambassador for skateboarding to the U.S. Olympic Committee. When chatting we discovered out that he has not only taken this time to reflect on his new title but he’s also been getting benefit of the empty streets to stack clips for future movie components.

Examine on for the whole scoop from Foy himself.

jamie foy
Photograph: Courtesy of Dew Tour

Congratulations on your two big moves on the Olympic front getting picked for Team Usa and then getting elected as the representative for skateboarding on the Athlete Advisory Council to the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

Ah, thank you, so significantly! I enjoy that. I’m tremendous hyped!

Very first off, what does it mean to be on Team Usa? An honor? An prospect? Only a title? A new element of your daily life?

I’m tremendous hyped! It is the to start with Olympics with skateboarding in it. I am energized that I can stand for my place alongside some stable dudes and try out to get a medal for our place.

I believe it is sick that lastly skating is recognized as just as hard or just as acknowledged as any other activity. That is a person of the primary items that I’m tremendous hyped about with skating getting in the Olympics, I sense like it will be a whole lot extra acknowledged amid men and women. Probably immediately after the Olympics [skateboarding] will have a person of the greatest booms it has ever had—that would be wonderful.

That is my subsequent query, what about the Olympics is enjoyable to you? Is it that skateboarding may blow up that significantly extra?

Yeah, that’s what I’m really energized about.

When it to start with received announced that skating was likely to be in the Olympics, I try to remember it was a controversial subject matter amid the skate market. There are all varieties of skating. Men and women are out there just hoping to have entertaining and do not treatment for it as anything at all other than a launch. Then, there are men and women that just take it significantly and go to contests. Then, there are men and women that just like skating in the streets and filming with their pals and placing out articles like that.

I believe it is great that it will be extra of a standard issue. Hoping to get a skatepark in a local community that doesn’t have a person really should be much easier. Now it can be viewed as a protected spot to go to skate, study, and, you never ever know, the subsequent Olympian can arrive out of your community.

I sense like it will be a extra acknowledged issue and extra skaters will arrive out of it. It is likely to be sick to have men and women not search down at skaters, saying items like, ‘you require to get rid of that issue when you are 18 and go to higher education.’ It is extra of a true activity. I am tremendous hyped!

The notion of changing how men and women understand it from not getting just a tiny kid’s toy but an real occupation is an exciting way to search at items.

Yeah, specifically. Now men and women will realize this as any other activity. If dad and mom can see it as a little something that their kid really enjoys then they can assist it, due to the fact who is aware what could transpire. Probably extra young ones will turn out to be pro skate boarders, maybe they will even be an Olympian a person day.

Let us use this to segue and communicate about your new purpose as a skateboard representative on the Athlete’s Advisory Council to the USOPC. I’ve go through that you were being elected. Were being you, and by whom? Usa teammates, officials? Also, is there a phrase length?

I’m not guaranteed about the phrase. Right now I believe it is right until the Olympics transpire, due to the fact this is nonetheless the make-up for the now 2021 Games, so that is almost certainly when it will be right until.

I was elected by my friends. They sent out a survey to everyone that is associated with Entire world Skate and U.S. skateboarding. The surveys were being different for each place, but on the U.S. a person, it experienced every skater that has skated in these Olympic qualifiers to stand for the Usa experienced their identify in an e mail with a bubble subsequent to it to vote. That is why I’m really hyped, it was my friends that voted me in. I am really humbled by the sensation that they think in me and sense like I will stand up for our legal rights, listen to them, just take every thing into consideration and try out to make it the best knowledge for everyone.

What are the general duties included? What’s the function of the purpose?

Rather significantly, what I received out of it, I will be in a position to communicate amongst skaters, if they have any difficulties or worries they can arrive to me, allow me know, and I’m like the representative for the Usa skate staff to the U.S. Olympic Committee.

So like, if it is about the way practicing and scheduling, I communicate with Josh Friedberg (Usa Skateboarding CEO) and the U.S. Olympic Committee. We can try out to determine out the best way for us as skaters to be represented in the Olympics and to ensure we all have a great time at the time it comes down to the Games.

jamie foy
Photograph: Courtesy of Strand/Dew Tour

It seems that U.S. has a little bit of a heavier involvement with the greater Olympic skateboarding story that is creating. In spite of it getting ruled by Entire world Skate, the U.S. nearly would seem to be extra included with final decision making than other countries, doesn’t it?

Yeah, and I sense like that has a whole lot to do with skateboarding extra or less starting up and evolving in the Usa, almost certainly. A whole lot of the primary contests, like Street League–where the Olympics will be centered on that product of contest–are from listed here so [Entire world Skate] realizes that [the Usa] has the best being familiar with and maybe the greatest say. But, I would say it is a really great structure for everyone. It is really even.

We do our best to keep it even for everybody so that everyone can have a great time. As skaters, contests are contests and all but, our amount a person issue is acquiring a great time regardless of whether it is a contest or not. That is our primary priority.

If there was anything at all you felt needed to be resolved, do you know specifically how to go about performing that suitable now?

Right now, with the pause [from COVID-19], I have not gotten to get solely into that purpose, so I’m not a hundred % guaranteed. The moment I get to that stage, while, I am likely to communicate to my supervisors and all of the skaters to get it figured out.

Is there at present anything at all on your thoughts that you are going to be bringing up on behalf of skateboarding?

Yeah, we [skaters] have been thinking a tiny little bit due to the fact we have this time (thanks to COVID-19). There are no true difficulties, but we have been seeking to tackle apply occasions. There are a whole lot of countries, there are a whole lot of men and women [skating] for these countries and in these contests and we want appropriate apply occasions for everyone.

Some contests have been hard due to the fact there are much too quite a few men and women on the study course at a time and they are not the greatest courses. Of course that will make it a tiny extra unsafe, and a tiny more challenging to apply. Practicing operates is a huge issue due to the fact with a bunch of men and women on the study course it is hard to get things dialed in. So, that is a person issue we have carried out. We have drawn up tiny petitions to go to the Olympic Committee or Entire world Skate. That is a tiny issue that we’ve been performing suitable now, but that is undoubtedly just the commence of it.

In general, how fascinated are you in the at the rear of-the-scenes motion of Olympic skateboarding? There are absolutely a whole lot of moving components making conclusions that will have an affect on skate boarders and competitions. Do you uncover by yourself really fascinated in that facet of what’s taking place?

I am constantly fascinated in the at the rear of-the-scenes things. I like to understand the way items function in general with anything at all, primarily if I am in there performing it. I want to be in the loop to understand every thing that is taking place. If I require to ask inquiries, I try out to get the solutions to understand items. That has really helped me out a whole lot.

jamie foy
Photograph: Courtesy of Strand/Dew Tour

What type of prospect is it for you to now be in on at the rear of-the-scenes discussions?

I hope that I can be there and assistance every thing be the best it can be for skaters.

I am type of a skater that is in the center of every thing. I like likely to contests and performing all that, but then at the similar time, I like likely filming with my pals. It is great that I can be a representative of the contest and try out to make it extra appealing. To make men and women know that it is not just a contest—it is about a bunch of homies acquiring entertaining with the prospect to do a great issue and make some further income to get extra recognition.

It is a huge system. There are men and women that check out the contests that do not check out street skating, just like there are men and women that check out street skating but do not check out the contests. I sense like it could be effective for everybody in the skate local community.

Do you believe extra skate boarders really should get included in what’s taking place at the rear of-the-scenes? Why really should they? How can they?

I believe skaters really should get included. Anytime we as a skate local community can get collectively to make it the best contest we can, it is improved for everybody. One thoughts is not the best. It is improved to have two or three, four, five… as quite a few thinking heads as you can get on a matter will gain everyone.

This is type of a major query, what is a little something about aggressive skateboarding right now that you would like to adjust?

Not concerning Olympics, I’d like to see the specialist and beginner contests separated, not like they are suitable now.

The Olympics are great and all, I like the contests, how everyone is collectively. Of course, the Olympics are not about everyone getting a quote-unquote specialist skateboarder, they are about representing for your place and displaying what you have received. That is great. I totally regard that. I like that.

But other contests really should be extra like how it was back in the day, the place there were being Pro contests, Am contests, and Open contests. I sense like that was a huge issue that we type of shed a tiny little bit, but immediately after this to start with Olympics, it could be different.

That is a person issue that I would like to see, but I sense like that will transpire in any case. I’d like to see extra contests in general, due to the fact it just presents extra men and women prospects. Throwing everyone collectively just minimizes our prospects and I believe it would be great for extra men and women to get their possess glow. How it utilised to be. You can function your way up and have entertaining with it.

How are you managing COVID-19 and the Olympics getting postponed a calendar year? What are you performing to continue to be determined? Are you hoping to do anything at all specific to keep by yourself aggressive?

So significantly, not really. For me, with contests, I just take a extra mellow route. I sense like the best apply is getting on your board all the time, not essentially hoping to go to a park and hoping to nail methods in excess of and in excess of.

I have been getting benefit of this time off for movie tasks that I’ve been seeking to function on. I’ve just been with my filmer. We’re likely out and getting as protected as doable, but hoping to just take benefit of the condition and get some footage.

Total I sense like that assists my contest skating. The extra I’m on my board, the extra different items I can skate in the streets—translates to extra items that I have prepared for contests.

Any closing terms about this COVID-19 condition in general, and how everyone is extra or less stuck in it collectively?

All people do their element! Absolutely keep your length. We are in the tail stop of it, while. We just have to finish it out, hope for the best and ideally, it will all be in excess of shortly with items back to how they generally are.

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