Mehcad Brooks was previously in the gym turning into the Earthrealm supersoldier Jax before he was even officially offered the purpose in Warner Bros’ upcoming reboot of Mortal Kombat. The actor was a extended-time lover of the traditional preventing movie match remaining adapted in Simon McQuoid’s movie, and as a believer of visualization, he would only accept a person attainable final result. Son of an NFL wide receiver, and a previous All-State basketball player himself, he’s no stranger to placing the extra work to get a job performed.



All those efforts had been not in vain: He nabbed the purpose, and the momentum ongoing. Brooks labored with coach Andrew Scutch to put on 35 lbs . of muscle mass on his hulking body with significant lifting and voracious consuming. That physicality combined with extreme boxing drills gave him the instruments necessary to portray a human able of protecting Earth from Outworld monsters. Men’s Journal spoke with the actor about grueling workouts, consuming like a caveman, and getting Jax at Burning Male.

Men’s Journal: How did you feel when you experienced a shot at actively playing Jax in a new movie adaption of Mortal Kombat?

Mehcad Brooks: The truth I was up for the purpose was surreal, because I’ve been actively playing this match because I was a child. I was leaving Supergirl and realized that I desired to do a little something wholly distinctive. So when I listened to about this prospect I dropped every little thing that I was executing, and went into the gym. I realized that I experienced to be this dude. I know that sounds crazy. I didn’t want to give them a single excuse not to give me the portion, and I felt like it was meant to be. That wasn’t arrogance, but my entire heart was invested in finding the final result I desired. I know individuals are possibly scratching their heads at the notion that an individual would put on twenty lbs . of muscle mass for a purpose they could possibly not get, but yeah, which is what I did.

The moment you got the purpose, how did you begin to acquire the character?

I’m a Burner. I’ve been to Burning Male five situations, and it lined up as I was preparing for the movie, so I employed that Burning Male experience to come across Jax on a deeper stage. I know what it does for my psyche, consciousness, and aim. I started by transforming my playa title to Jax when I was there. I’d previously obtained twenty lbs . at the time. I took off my gasoline mask that individuals use to shield from the dust, because I believed Jax doesn’t use any mask. I expended a large amount of time out in the desert by myself. What superior way to hook up with a dude who’s performed several tours in the desert than go out into the desert, stripping your self down to the bare bones.

He’s the baddest dude the military has to offer—the form of dude they’d ship to chase down monsters and intergalactic ninjas. He’s not accurately a excellent dude we’re lucky he picked Earthrealm to combat for. In the course of that time, the visualizations I designed about remaining Jax had been coming to fruition. I would be on set actively playing him in a make any difference of weeks at that place, which was a bit of an out-of-body experience.

How did you begin to establish the physicality for Jax?

I located an graphic of Jax on line I believed I’d be capable to accomplish. I woke up every working day and visualized this a person scene the place I’m preventing Sub-Zero from the audition for fifteen minutes. Even when my body was tired, I didn’t give into exhaustion, I just pushed more challenging. I noticed my highest potential. I noticed the optimized variation of myself in my head, and I labored tricky every single working day to get there. I have a coach I work with out of Los Angeles named Andrew Schuth. This dude is a beast. I believe my 1st time working with him I virtually vomited. I experienced to put ice on my wrists and on my neck. That’s who we’re dealing with in this article. I labored out at every gym I could. For this purpose, he made a bespoke exercise session the place we did significant bodyweight and a ton of reps. I’d adhere to that with speedy-twitch actions and plyometrics.

What would you say was the most grueling?

I would not desire these workouts on my worst enemy. I was stumbling out of the gym, occasionally crawling. He’d make me operate complete speed on the treadmill when executing jabs with twenty five-pound dumbbells, then put the weights down and operate complete speed with the incline up, adopted by an additional minute with the incline back again down. And which is just a person set. That’s when you believe about killing him. But you begin looking at outcomes in days. That’s what would make you post to it.

Did you practice when you had been filming as nicely?

There had been days the place I’d have a twelve-hour shoot, then box for two hours, hitting the gym for two hours, then stunt rehearsal for an hour. There had been weeks at a time the place I was only finding about 4 hours of rest, but I was nonetheless going. I was executing every little thing. If I was finding on a plane, I’d be curling my suitcase.

Boxing is a large portion of Jax’s preventing type in the match. How did you like coaching in the ring?

I located I was genuinely sluggish because I’d put on so substantially bodyweight, and going all of that torso normally takes a large amount more power. I started looking at old films of Mike Tyson and Joe Frazier every night. I took their variations and blended that in with how Jax moved in the movie game titles. He bounces a large amount, then virtually does a minor shimmy when he’s coming in. I’d get films of myself to look at on my progress. I appreciated finding to look at legends for work, and applying that in what I introduced to the character.

What did your food plan look like when you had been prepping for this purpose?

I was consuming vegan before I started coaching for the purpose, and went to perhaps consuming the equal of half a cow a working day. I believe as a state we definitely overeat meat. We commonly really do not respect animals, and are not replenishing the entire world in the sites we’re taking from. I’m all for individuals creating whatsoever choices they want with food plan, nonetheless our ancestors had been hunters, gathers, and scavengers.

That implies they ate a large amount of fruits, greens, and nuts, but also every now and then they’d gorge on their own on meat. So which is the food plan I went with—where I’d consume a person animal protein for a 7 days. That could indicate I’d be consuming a large amount of lamb, or everywhere from twelve to sixteen chickens about the course of the next 7 days.

What did a sample working day of consuming look like for you?

I was executing vegan protein shakes all working day, right from the begin. Earlier in the working day I’d do someplace between twelve and eighteen eggs. If I was consuming hen that 7 days, I’d do 4 to 6 breasts, always with greens. I’d cut the carbs someplace close to five p.m. in the night. I didn’t have a fall of alcohol for the duration of the entire process.

How did you feel when you had been consuming like that?

I felt like a caveman. It was form of like the most hardcore paleo food plan you ever listened to of, and I finished up with a caveman body. I felt fantastic and got amazing outcomes when combined with the work I was executing. It’s not a little something I’d maintain, because it is high priced and I was consuming someplace close to twelve,000 energy a working day.

Did get complement your food plan with anything at all else?

I was taking these elixirs called Black Root Tonic, that are designed-to-get. They are incredible. They have all these extra aspects and minerals you need to have. I’ve ongoing with them because.

Actor Mehcad Brooks shirtless with bionic arms for 'Mortal Kombat' video game movie
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Jax has a very memorable look in the match, beginning with his bionic arms. What was it like remaining on set and remaining in the costuming?

The 1st time you get in costume is the 1st time you thoroughly embody the character. Jax’s costume wasn’t all that intricate. It’s utilitarian and military. He has to be capable to transfer in it. If shit hits the lover, he has to get the sawed-off shotgun and be capable to roll immediately. I can’t get also deep into how the bionic arms came with each other, but it is a large amount of work. I consider to come across the enjoyment in every little thing, even if it implies I need to have to be at set 3 hours before I commonly would. I’ve observed the movie. It’s incredible—and my arms look incredible.

Did any of the beat power occur by way of in the way everyone carried on their own on set?

The only experience-off I can speak about is with Sub-Zero, who’s played by an incredible actor, Joe Taslim. In Hollywood there are only two actors the digicam section asks to sluggish their actions down because it is also speedy for the lens to capture: Bruce Lee and Joe Taslim. I’m personally not fucking close to with Joe Taslim. You know what I’m declaring? I’ve never ever observed any person transfer that speedy. It’s like looking at Michael Jackson dance up shut. That’s what it is like to look at Joe do combat choreography. Performing combat sequences with him designed me elevate my have private match. Did I wander onto set pondering I could get on Joe Taslim? No. Did I leave set pondering I could get down Joe Taslim? No. Would I put on dollars on any person else but Joe Taslim? No.

How did you feel about the amazing response to the pink-band trailer?

It’s every little thing I could want. I felt if a person of the trailers was going to do superior, then it was going to be the pink-band trailer because of the character of the fandom in just Mortal Kombat. Nobody who performs Mortal Kombat just wishes to knock an individual out. They want to rip their hearts out. That’s what the movie presents them. People may be skeptical, but I actually consider this is the finest movie adaptation of a movie match ever. I noticed what I noticed in that movie theater. This will be the new benchmark.

Offered the movie is a achievement at the box office, which looks likely, would you be down to put on the arms yet again to engage in Jax?

I feel like I am Jax. There is a large amount of like for these characters, and for many individuals this will be the 1st time they see these characters be autonomous. We labored until eventually we bled. We pushed by way of our have fears and imposter syndromes. We like these characters. We necessary to convey it household, for the fandom and for ourselves. I’ll have him with me without end.

Mortal Kombat premieres in theaters and on HBOMax on April 23rd.


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