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MONDAY, Aug. 17, 2020 — Slim, stretchy neck gaiters are “worse than absolutely nothing” when it will come to stopping the spread of the coronavirus, according to scientists.

The Duke College staff reported working with a neck gaiter as a facial area covering could really spread the virus even more than working with no facial area covering at all, CBS Information documented.

The scientists tested a frequent form of neck gaiter produced of slender, stretchy polyester. Neck gaiters are worn around the neck and can be pulled up to go over the mouth and nose.

“The neck gaiter that we tested did effectively absolutely nothing, and worse than absolutely nothing, since it appeared to make huge droplets into compact droplets,” study co-creator Isaac Henrion explained to CBS Information.

Instead of halting droplets that can have the coronavirus from escaping into the air, the neck gaiter appeared to flip huge droplets into smaller sized ones that can linger in the air, the scientists discovered.

They reported much more screening is essential since some gaiters may possibly operate better than other individuals, depending on how they’re produced, CBS Information documented.

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