Nonstress Test: MedlinePlus Medical Test

What is a nonstress take a look at?

A nonstress take a look at is a protected, noninvasive take a look at for expecting ladies. Noninvasive suggests it isn’t going to slice into the pores and skin or enter any part of the entire body. The take a look at measures the coronary heart fee of an unborn toddler as the toddler moves in the uterus. In most healthier babies, the coronary heart fee, also recognized as the fetal coronary heart fee, increases in the course of movement. If your nonstress take a look at success showed that the coronary heart fee was not ordinary, it may indicate that your toddler is not getting plenty of oxygen. If this happens, you may require a lot more screening or therapy, or in some cases, shipping and delivery may be induced. Inducing labor is when a company presents you medicine or takes advantage of other procedures to get started labor in advance of it commences the natural way.

Other names: fetal nonstress take a look at, NST