Managing Your Per Diem Staff the Right Way | MAS Medical Staffing

Nursing is the type of job that will always be in demand, and with it being part of an industry that needs staffing 24/7 and requires a fluctuating workflow, per diem employees are often more in demand than most and are the answers to the problem of hospitals, healthcare facilities, and healthcare workers for understaffing. You could be a part of advantage medical professionals per diem RN and reap the benefits due to the clear advantage of this line of work. And you may be wondering how to manage per diem employees the right way, well, here are a few tips on that.

How do you manage per diem employees?

  1. Have a policy that would be able to reflect your expectations regarding your per diem employees.

With your per diem employees being documented in your employee handbook, you should make sure that you have a written policy that clearly states that if a per diem employee does not pick up the chiefs for a certain period of time, sixty to ninety days generally would work, it is considered a voluntary termination. 

If your per diem employee decides to file a claim for unemployment or maybe stops going to work, you are going to have proof and they will most likely lose the case.

  1. You have to treat your per diem employees as if they were your regular employees.

If you want to make sure that your per diem employees are of the standard, you have to make sure that they are receiving annual reviews. It doesn’t mean that they are not permanent employees, that they could do whatever they want. You have to make sure that they are also subject to your company and healthcare facility’s disciplinary process like all of your other employees.

You have to make sure that your performance management process includes all the per diem employees that you have, including their annual reviews, documented corrective action process, and all of the other things that you do to monitor their performance. In doing this, you are going to have a history of their performance that you could use in case you need other per diem employees in the future.

  1. Make sure that you are abiding by the true definition of a per diem employee.

What is a per diem employee? It literally means “daily” so they are employees who work on an as-needed basis. They work less than full-time employees, have a more flexible schedule, and in return, they do not receive the benefits that full-time employees do.

You could make sure that you are not misclassifying your per diem employees, by keeping an eye on your per diem employee’s hours and by making sure that they are not regularly scheduled. You should do quarterly reviews of all of the hours that your per diem employees have put in. You could convert them to part-time or maybe even benefits-eligible employees if you see that there is a pattern and consistent schedule.

  1. Don’t forget the documentation!

Keeping a document with you at all times would have to be one of the most valuable tools that you could have in minimizing unemployment, any liability with all of your per diem employees. You will be able to somehow prepare yourself and have something to show to the state if and when they file a claim for unemployment.

You should document everything that has to do with your employees, from any of the last-minute shift cancellations and chance, and keeping a copy of the calendar of shifts that you have offered to the employee that they refused. 

It is also required that you add the resignation of your per diem employee in writing so that you would have proof of the status change requests when your regular employees become per diem employees.

Is Per Diem considered an employee?

Yes, per diem employees are actual employees. They receive a W-2 income and they have taxes that are automatically withheld from their paychecks. Per diem employees are also entitled to minimum wage and overtime pay.

Do per diem employees get raises?

As of the moment, per diem employees have not received a raise in years and they generally do not receive any benefits.

Can a Per Diem Employee Collect Unemployment?

Under the state laws, they often cover per diem employees as long as they would be able to meet other requirements for the unemployment benefits. This is an often concern of those workers who are per diem employees. So, when you get laid off, get fired without a cause, and maybe even have faced reduced hours as a per diem employee, you would be able to claim your unemployment benefits.