Platelet Tests: MedlinePlus Medical Test

What are platelet tests?

Platelets, also identified as thrombocytes, are smaller blood cells that are important for blood clotting. Clotting is the process that aids you halt bleeding following an injuries. There are two forms of platelet tests: a platelet count examination and platelet perform tests.

A platelet count examination actions the variety of platelets in your blood. A decreased than typical platelet count is known as thrombocytopenia. This problem can lead to you to bleed also considerably following a slice or other injuries that results in bleeding. A larger than typical platelet count is known as thrombocytosis. This can make your blood clot additional than you want it to. Blood clots can be harmful since they can block blood move.

Platelet perform tests check your platelets’ capacity to variety clots. Platelet perform tests involve:

  • Closure time. This examination actions the time it takes for platelets in a blood sample to plug a smaller hole in a tiny tube. It aids monitor for various platelet problems.
  • Viscoelastometry. This examination actions the energy of a blood clot as it kinds. A blood clot has to be potent to halt bleeding.
  • Platelet aggregometry. This is a team of tests that are utilised to evaluate how very well platelets clump alongside one another (combination).
  • Lumiaggregometry. This examination actions the sum of light developed when certain substances are included to a blood sample. It can help clearly show if there are defects in the platelets.
  • Flow cytometry. This is a examination that makes use of lasers to glance for proteins on the surface of platelets. It can help diagnose inherited platelet problems. This is a specialized examination. It is only obtainable at certain hospitals and laboratories.
  • Bleeding time. This examination actions the sum of time for bleeding to halt following smaller cuts are manufactured in the forearm. It was at the time usually utilised to monitor for a selection of platelet problems. Now, other platelet perform tests are utilised additional typically. The more recent tests supply additional reliable outcomes.

Other names: platelet count, thrombocyte count, platelet perform tests, platelet perform assay, platelet aggregation experiments