Project PR: The Personalized Recovery Study

The premise of this analyze is pretty uncomplicated: Regardless of whether you’re lacing up for the very first time or you’re an experienced runner, you could be education smarter. How? By basing your workout routines on how recovered you are. Just how much of an impression tailoring your education to your individualized restoration data can have is the target driving Task PR. This is your possibility to break the previous-university running mildew.

Here’s how it functions. 

Individuals will decide into an eight-7 days 5k education program—starting in the starting of October—designed by skilled runners Nick Willis and Mary Cain of Tracksmith. We’ll deliver you a lightweight, waterproof WHOOP health tracker and a code for a discounted, 6-month membership. As you log your education runs with Strava and distinct behaviors on the WHOOP mobile application, your WHOOP strap will track individualized restoration, strain, and snooze metrics and recommend strategies to wonderful-tune your education. Seem up your alley? Indication up underneath and we’ll be in touch with following steps. Interested but want to know additional? We have bought additional information underneath. 


Why take part?

With Task PR, you are going to have the possibility to be portion of a very first-of-its-sort running analyze and educate pretty much with countless numbers of individuals from all athletic backgrounds. Together, we can uncover strategies to educate smarter centered on actionable restoration data provided by WHOOP.

What is WHOOP?

WHOOP is a 24/seven wrist-worn coronary heart rate keep track of applied by some of the greatest athletes in the planet. It is lightweight, very low-profile, a hundred% waterproof, and has a 5-day battery life.

What’s involved in the analyze?

In addition to the free of charge eight-7 days 5k method designed by Tracksmith, you are going to get 25 p.c off a 6-month WHOOP three. membership (thirty-day chance-free of charge return), a one-year digital subscription to Exterior Magazine, discount rates on attire from Tracksmith, on-line local community teams for aid and education tips, and further incentives for completing the analyze.

Who will the coaches be?

Tracksmith running gurus Nick Willis, a two-time Olympian, and Mary Cain, 3000 meter Entire world Junior Champion.


By publishing your email in accordance with Task PR (Task Individualized Restoration) described above, you will be registering to obtain email conversation from WHOOP and collaborating manufacturers, agreeing that your registration and any other data gathered in connection with the Task PR may be applied by WHOOP and collaborating manufacturers in accordance with their Privacy Plan, a present duplicate of which can be observed in this article.