Looking for the best quality fitness equipment? A good thing these days is that you can not only access fitness equipment at the gym. You can also accomplish your fitness goals and plans at home. No matter where you exercise, having the right fitness equipment can affect your physical fitness the most.

Aspects of Fitness That Different Equipment Will Help You Develop

Not all fitness equipment are made the same. They will help you produce different results. Here are major aspects that equipment focuses on.


According to research, “the advantage of cardio is the decrease of muscle to fat ratio when joined with proper eating regimen, blood pressure and cholesterol, and the rise of general body endurance and digestion.”

Common cardio equipment include, exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical, cross trainers, and rowers. You can find high quality home gym equipment that you can use for your fitness regimen.

Strength Exercise

The aim of strength training is to enhance general performance of the body. This also contributes to proper stance and muscle development. Muscles are important to the body. It shields the skeletal and joint systems of the body from stress and impact.

Some equipment include gym quality weight bench, weights, resistance bands and tubings.

Quality Home Fitness Equipment You Should Have

In choosing a fitness equipment, remember that even the highest quality ones cannot produce results unless you put in the effort. Learn first how you can properly use the equipment to avoid any injury and accident. You can also look for durable and affordable equipment. Here are some popular types of quality fitness equipment.


These equipment are great for low-impact workouts that are great even for those with joint problems. Resistance and grade can be adjusted to fit your liking. Look for gym quality elliptical machines with handlebars and non-slip pedals. make sure to try out equipment before buying one so you make an informed choice based on your comfort.

Rowing Machines

Imagine rowing a boat. This fitness equipment mimics the movements that you make as you would row a boat. They provide a whole body workout that you would not see from others. You use your arms, legs, back, and chest as you do different forms. The motions can seem a little uncomfortable at first but you will get used to it as you exercise more using a rower. If you want a more realistic rowing motions, go look for pulley model rowers rather than piston models.


If you are comfortable with the movement of running or jogging, get a treadmill. Most people complain that a treadmill is a high impact equipment. You can look for models with flexible and low impact surfaces.

Make sure to pay attention to the motor strength as this means your machine will last longer. Look for a treadmill belt that is long and wide and that would fit your stride. A sturdy frame and front side rails will help with safety. Many treadmills have controls for speed, grade, and incline so you walk at your own pace.

Exercise Bikes

Indoor biking needs no training and almost anyone can use it. One problem can be how uncomfortable it gets if used for a long duration of time. It is good equipment for cardio workouts. Look for a high quality exercise bike with a comfortable and adjustable bike seat. Good toe clips can also affect your workout experience. It would be better if your exercise bike model can be replaced with a cushioned model seat that comes separately.

Hand and Ankle Weights

You can start with different hand weights depending on your current strength. You can start as low as 2 pounds and 5 pounds, or 5 pounds and 8 pounds. You adjust by adding heavier weights as you want. Dumbbells can come with padded center bars and D shaped weights.

Ankle weights can boost strength exercises for your legs. Side leg raise and hip extensions can be more intense with these. Look for padded ankle weight cuffs with pockets that can hold half a pound or one pound weights.

As you look for fitness equipment, whether for gym or home use, look for high quality ones that can last and adjust.