What is a respiratory pathogens (RP) panel?

A respiratory pathogens (RP) panel checks for pathogens in the respiratory tract. A pathogen is a virus, microorganisms, or other organism that triggers an disease. Your respiratory tract is manufactured up of pieces of the body associated in breathing. This contains your lungs, nose, and throat.

There are lots of varieties of viruses and microorganisms that can infect the respiratory tract. Indicators are usually comparable, but remedy can be really distinct. So it really is vital to make the suitable diagnosis. Other viral and bacterial checks for respiratory bacterial infections are usually minimal to screening for just one specific pathogen. A number of samples might be essential. The procedure can be hard and time consuming.

An RP panel only wants a one sample to operate checks for a wide assortment of viruses and microorganisms. Benefits ordinarily come in a handful of hours. Benefits from other varieties of respiratory checks can get a handful of times. More quickly effects might let you to get begun before on the suitable remedy.

Other names: RP panel, respiratory virus profile, syndromic multiplex panel