As PSA Tests Drop, Adv. Prostate Cancer Cases Rise

By Serena Gordon

HealthDay Reporter

WEDNESDAY, May possibly twenty, 2020 (HealthDay News) — Prostate cancer screening suggestions have been evolving for far more than a decade, but new analysis suggests that recommendations against regimen prostate cancer tests might have appear at a steep price tag — far more males having diagnosed with state-of-the-art prostate cancers.

The study identified that costs of state-of-the-art prostate cancers rose by about 5% for every calendar year by 2016.

There was some great information, however. Immediately after regimen use of the prostate distinct antigen (PSA) take a look at was

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HPV and cervical cancer: What you need to know

Clara T. Fryman

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most prevalent sexually transmitted an infection in the U.S., and there are much more than 200 strains of it.

Forty of all those are regarded as higher-hazard HPV, which can lead to cervical cancer in women. Lower-hazard HPV typically will cause symptoms that are not life threatening, these kinds of as genital warts.

It’s significant to know that higher-hazard HPV by alone is not cancer. Eight out of 10 women will have higher-hazard HPV at some stage in their lives, but handful of of them will get cervical cancer.

Luckily, there is a vaccine that

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Cancer Patients Report Delays in Treatment Because of COVID-19

Clara T. Fryman

What your physician is looking at on

APRIL 16, 2020 — As the COVID-19 pandemic proceeds, lots of most cancers people are obtaining it significantly hard to obtain the care they want and are experiencing economic problems.

50 percent of the most cancers people and survivors who responded to a new study reported variations, delays, or disruptions to the care they had been obtaining. The survey, with 1219 respondents, was done by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Community (ACS CAN).

“The instances of this virus — from the truth most cancers people are at higher possibility of significant

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Cervical cancer survivor urges young people to get HPV vaccine

Clara T. Fryman

Think of someone you know who loves to laugh and can make everyone around them laugh. Now, imagine that person is unable to laugh like they used to.

That’s what it was like for Lily Taylor, now 32, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer six years ago.

“I was heartbroken. I couldn’t laugh or make others laugh anymore,” she says.

Noticing symptoms

When Lily was 25, she began having pain in her pelvis, abdomen, and legs. At first, she thought it was from being on her feet at her job as a restaurant server.

She also had frequent minor kidney

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Cancer causes: Popular myths about the causes of cancer

Clara T. Fryman

Most cancers results in: Well-known myths about the results in of cancer

Misconceptions about cancer results in can lead to needless worry about your health and fitness. Obtain out no matter whether there’s any fact to these frequent myths about the results in of cancer.

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Terrifying claims flow into on the world-wide-web that every day objects and products and solutions, these types of as plastic and deodorant, cause cancer. Over and above staying mistaken, several of these myths might cause you to worry unnecessarily about your own health and fitness and the health and fitness of

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