8 Unusual Olympic LIfting Cues That Get Results

Clara T. Fryman

Olympic lifting is a person of the most significant-level, ability-primarily based, athletic activities a person can perform. No other style of lifting needs the similar level of coordination, focus, and element than a heavy thoroughly clean and jerk or snatch.


8 Unusual Olympic LIfting Cues That Get Results - Fitness, weightlifting, grip, olympic weightlifting, neuromuscular power, barbell, intention, lifting, cues, coaching cues, tips

Olympic lifts demand coaching cues to produce good motor designs



I have been exceptionally lucky in my coaching occupation to have been brought up by some real masters in the game. About two months into my coaching occupation, I attended the NSCA’s Activity Particular Education Conference in Anaheim in January of 2000 and listened to Mike Burgener train the lifts.

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