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This is a reader-helpful overview of Thiamin. For a lot more aspects, see our health and fitness skilled point sheet on Thiamin.

What is thiamin and what does it do?

Thiamin (also identified as vitamin B1) allows turn the food you try to eat into the vitality you require. Thiamin is significant for the progress, enhancement, and perform of the cells in your human body.

How a great deal thiamin do I require?

The volume of thiamin you require relies upon on your age and intercourse. Common each day recommended amounts are listed beneath in milligrams (mg).

Daily life Stage Recommended Total
Start to 6 months .two mg
Infants 7–12 months .3 mg
Kids 1–3 several years .5 mg
Kids 4–8 several years .6 mg
Kids 9–13 several years .9 mg
Teen boys 14–18 several years 1.two mg
Teen women 14–18 several years 1. mg
Males 1.two mg
Ladies 1.1 mg
Expecting teenagers and gals 1.four mg
Breastfeeding teenagers and gals 1.four mg

What food items supply thiamin?

Thiamin is observed normally in lots of food items and is included to some fortified food items. You can get recommended amounts of thiamin by taking in a assortment of food items, which includes the pursuing:

  • Full grains and fortified bread, cereal, pasta, and rice
  • Meat (especially pork) and fish
  • Legumes (such as black beans and soybeans), seeds, and nuts

What types of thiamin nutritional dietary supplements are offered?

Thiamin is observed in multivitamin/multimineral dietary supplements, in B-advanced nutritional dietary supplements, and in dietary supplements made up of only thiamin. Popular types of thiamin in nutritional dietary supplements are thiamin mononitrate and thiamin hydrochloride. Some dietary supplements use a artificial type of thiamin identified as benfotiamine.

Am I having ample thiamin?

Most people today in the United States get ample thiamin from the food items they try to eat. Thiamin deficiency is rare in this nation. Having said that, certain teams of people today are a lot more most likely than other folks to have problems having ample thiamin:

Converse with your health care provider(s) about thiamin and other nutritional dietary supplements to enable you ascertain which, if any, may possibly be useful for you.

What transpires if I you should not get ample thiamin?

You can create thiamin deficiency if you really don’t get ample thiamin in the food items you try to eat or if your human body eradicates much too a great deal or absorbs much too little thiamin.

Thiamin deficiency can trigger decline of excess weight and appetite, confusion, memory decline, muscle weakness, and heart troubles. Extreme thiamin deficiency potential customers to a condition identified as beriberi with the included symptoms of tingling and numbness in the ft and fingers, decline of muscle, and inadequate reflexes. Beriberi is not prevalent in the United States and other created international locations.

A a lot more prevalent instance of thiamin deficiency in the United States is Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, which largely impacts people today with alcoholism. It will cause tingling and numbness in the fingers and ft, significant memory decline, disorientation, and confusion.

What are some outcomes of thiamin on health and fitness?

Scientists are studying thiamin to superior fully grasp how it impacts health and fitness. In this article are some examples of what this investigation has shown.


Individuals with diabetes generally have small degrees of thiamin in their blood. Scientists are studying whether thiamin dietary supplements can boost blood sugar degrees and glucose tolerance in people today with style two diabetes. They are also studying whether benfotiamine (a artificial type of thiamin) dietary supplements can enable with nerve damage caused by diabetes.

Coronary heart failure

Several people today with heart failure have small degrees of thiamin. Scientists are studying whether thiamin dietary supplements may possibly enable people today with heart failure.

Alzheimer’s condition

Scientists are studying the risk that thiamin deficiency could have an impact on the dementia of Alzheimer’s condition. No matter if thiamin dietary supplements could enable mental perform in people today with Alzheimer’s condition wants even further study.

Can thiamin be damaging?

Thiamin has not been shown to trigger any hurt.

Does thiamin interact with medicines or other nutritional dietary supplements?

Certainly. Some medicines can decreased thiamin degrees in the human body. In this article are a couple examples:

  • Furosemide (Lasix®), which is utilized to treat high blood pressure and swelling caused by excessive fluid in the human body
  • Fluorouracil (5-fluorouracil and Adrucil®), which is utilized in chemotherapy remedies for some forms of most cancers

Tell your medical doctor, pharmacist, and other health care providers about any nutritional dietary supplements and prescription or about-the-counter medicines you get. They can tell you if the nutritional dietary supplements may possibly interact with your medicines or if the medicines may possibly interfere with how your human body absorbs, takes advantage of, or breaks down vitamins and minerals such as thiamin.

Thiamin and healthful taking in

Individuals really should get most of their vitamins and minerals from food and beverages, in accordance to the federal government’s Dietary Suggestions for Individuals. Foodstuff contain vitamins, minerals, nutritional fiber, and other parts that advantage health and fitness. In some instances, fortified food items and nutritional dietary supplements are useful when it is not possible to meet wants for a single or a lot more vitamins and minerals (e.g., throughout particular lifestyle phases such as pregnancy). For a lot more info about developing a healthful nutritional sample, see the Dietary Suggestions for Individualsexternal link disclaimer and the U.S. Office of Agriculture’s MyPlate.external link disclaimer

Wherever can I locate out a lot more about thiamin?

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