Existence driving you up the wall? Placing your legs up there could possibly be a good notion.

According to Blok Yoga founder Sammy Bowmer, viparita karani, or legs-up- the-wall pose, is just one of the most calming and invigorating for the intellect and entire body. Practising this movement everyday can assistance “reduce anxiousness, relieve head aches and decrease tension in the reduced back”, Bowmer tells System+Soul.

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As well as, it can be completed at any time, anyplace – no activewear needed.

“It encourages circulation and stimulates the lymphatic technique, growing blood movement to your coronary heart and mind, which has an energising result on the entire body and head,” says Bowmer.

For greatest stress-busting added benefits, lie down with your legs up in opposition to a wall, your arms out extensive and eyes closed for 5 to 10 minutes.

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