Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths worldwide. If you are looking for lung cancer treatment in Orange County, visiting reputable lung cancer treatment Orange County facilities can be one step forward toward getting your lung health sorted.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with lung cancer, you may feel overwhelmed with information. Fortunately, there are many treatment options available for lung cancer. Read on to find out what to expect during your first lung cancer treatment.

What is the treatment plan?

The first step in your treatment is to ensure that the diagnosis is correct and determine whether surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy is needed. The next step is to develop a treatment plan that will help you fight and prevent the malady from coming back.

The treatment plan may include some or all of the following:

  • Surgery – Surgery can be used to remove tumors that cannot be treated with radiation therapy alone. This may be done as an outpatient procedure using minimally invasive techniques or as an inpatient procedure under general anesthesia.
  • ChemotherapyChemotherapy is used to treat the symptoms of cancer caused by damage to healthy cells, inflammation, and the effects of cancer growth in surrounding areas. Chemotherapy may be an option when lung cancer has spread, but it doesn’t treat the disease itself.
  • Radiation – Radiation therapy is a common treatment for lung cancer. It uses high-energy rays to kill cancer cells. Radiation therapy can be given externally, from a machine outside the body, or inside the body.


Lung cancer can affect anyone, and the first thing a person with lung cancer has to do is learn as much as possible about the disease and the treatment options available.